Terms and Conditions

No Start, No Fee

No start, no fee guarantee is provided on the bases that the components in the fuel system and any other components necessary to start the vehicle are not completely damaged.

Damages caused by misfueling 

Our technicians take all reasonable care to ensure your fuel system is drained to a high standard. This includes flushing the system with the correct fuel. However, as a result of contaminated fuel some damage to the vehicle could have occurred or could occur at a later date. In these circumstances, Fuel Swap cannot accept responsibility for any damages caused by, or as a result of contaminated fuel.

*Subject to terms & conditions, enquire directly with Fuel Swap for further information.

Fuel Swap Terms of Trade and Acknowledgement & Release

Terms of Trade 

1. All payments are due immediately unless credit arrangements are made prior to work commencing 

2. Payments are to be made via EFTPOS or cash, unless otherwise agreed prior to work commencing 

3. Fuel Swap retains a lien over the vehicle & you agree that the lien shall not be extinguished if the customer temporarily retakes possession of the vehicle. The lien also extends to cover all monies owing by the customer to the supplier/ repairer. 

Acknowledgment & Release

1. Fuel Swap has informed the Customer that it has identified that the vehicle has each of the faults listed on this form and has informed the customer of the consequences of not repairing those faults. 

2. Fuel Swap has recommended that the customer have each of the listed faults repaired. 

3. As a result of those repairs not being performed, Fuel Swap has informed the Customer that the vehicle may be unsafe/un-roadworthy and/or may not perform to manufacturer’s specification and/or may cause damage. 

4. The Customer acknowledges that it does not hold Fuel Swap liable for any damage caused to the vehicle that was caused as a result of the customer undertaking the mis-fueling act. 

5. The customer acknowledges that it has engaged Fuel Swap to carry out the listed repairs and understands that the repairs undertaken may not rectify any damage already caused to the vehicle as a result of the customer undertaking the mis-fuelling act. 

6. The Customer releases Fuel Swap from any claim that it may have as a result of Fuel Swap not performing the repairs listed above. 

7. Where the vehicle has been noted unsafe/un-roadworthy Fuel Swap has advised the Customer that the vehicle cannot be driven and that the appropriate transport for the vehicle should be arranged. 

8. Where the Customer is able to retain drained fuel, Fuel Swap will decant the fuel into appropriate AS/NZS 2906:2001 vessels only, with no exception. An approved vessel must have the name of the substance clearly marked on the container and be of a type and in a condition that will hold the substance and not react adversely with it. The container must also not be ordinarily used to hold foodstuffs or be able to be mistaken as containing foodstuffs. 

9. The Customer accepts that retention of drained fuel is not possible in most cases. Fuel Swap reserves the right to decline any request to retain drained fuel. 

10. Fuel Swap cannot make any determination on the potential levels of contaminant in any retained fuel, therefore accepts no liability for its use. 

11. The Customer agrees that it will dispose of any retained fuel in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act 1986 (EP Act) and will not participate in any illegal dumping or abandonment. 12. Fuel Swap reserves the right to decline a customer’s request to retain drained fuel, if it is believed the customer’s intent is to participate in illegal dumping or abandonment.