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Whether you’ve accidentally filled up with the wrong fuel, put petrol in your diesel car or left your car sitting for a few years, Fuel Swap offer completely mobile fuel draining and disposal services.

When your car doesn’t have a fuel tank drain plug, or you’re nowhere near home, or broken down or don’t have the technical know-how, give us a call today. We’re Perth’s leading mobile fuel drain service offering the best service, competitive rates and a track record of happy customers (over 60+ 5/5 star reviews on Google and Facebook!).

If you’re stuck, find out why everyone trusts Fuel Swap for their fuel draining services.

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Filled up with the wrong fuel?

If you’ve accidentally put diesel in your petrol, or petrol in your diesel (or worse yet, AdBlue in either!), then it might not be as simple as fuel draining and refilling. If you’ve run the car with the wrong type in it, you could need a complete fuel system flush to prevent any long term damage.

Even turning the key in a diesel car, when you’ve filled it with petrol, could lead to long term damage and expensive repair bills if not taken seriously. So, if that sounds like you, call us today and we’ll get your car sorted and you back on the road in no time.

Our services include a complete fuel system drain, emptying your vehicle’s tank, and then a flush (where necessary) and refill with clean fuel. We also dispose of the drained fuel, leaving you ready to carry on with your day.

Fuel Drain for Old Fuel

If you’ve ever been away overseas for an extended trip, and left your car sitting at home the whole time, you’ll often find your car doesn’t run as well as it used to—often smoking and spluttering and just having an all around bad time.

This is a result of old, stale fuel. Contrary to popular belief, and as unlikely as it sounds for such a full-on smelling liquid, petrol goes off. It also goes off pretty quickly!

Fuel Drain for Contaminated Fuel

Left the fuel cap off, and water’s run down the fuel filler neck? There’s all manner of reasons that can lead to fuel contamination, from washing your car with the cap off (sounds crazy, but it does happen!) to the wrong fuel, to sticking an additive in the tank that was supposed to go in the motor.

Whatever has lead to your fuel contamination, there’s no need to stress. Leave the car off, and give us a call today to get your fuel drained, and you back on the road. We even bring 20L of the correct fuel, and offer a fully mobile fuel drain service.

If your fuel tank needs a flush, we’ll sort that too.

How long does petrol last?

At 20 degrees, petrol lasts about 6 months. But here in Australia, there’s not many of us that are storing petrol in anything that cool. If your petrol is just in your car’s fuel tank, chances are it’ll be seeing temperatures close to 40 degrees in summer. Meaning it’s only going to stay fresh for a few months.

Petrol going stale is not the end of the world, and you’ll often be ok if it’s within 6 months and you can top it up with fresh fuel. But if it’s been longer than that, and you care about your car, get the old fuel drained out and top up with fresh, clean fuel to keep your car running well—and keep you out of an early trip to the mechanics!

For great service and competitive pricing, call Fuel Swap today and we’ll drain your old fuel and get you back on the road with clean, fresh fuel. We’re experts at all thing fuel, from fuel drain to getting you back on the road when you’ve accidentally filled up with the wrong fuel (don’t worry, it happens to all of us!).

Old Diesel—Get it drained.

When it comes to diesel, you really shouldn’t try running old, stale fuel. While it generally stays good for longer than petrol, diesel starts to essentially break down and ‘gum up’ after an extended period (6-12 months). Once this happens, the particles in the fuel can clog the ultra fine filters in your diesel’s fuel system, and foul expensive fuel pumps and injectors.

This isn’t a small issue, either. Letting diesel go bad, then trying to use it could cost you in thousands of dollars in repairs. Diesel fuel pumps are not only fragile, but eye-watering expensive. Similar story for the injectors, and let’s not even go into the labour costs for changing these parts out!

If you’ve left your diesel car sitting for a long time, and you’re even a little unsure, the cost of a fuel drain is nothing compared to the cost of damaging your diesel’s fuel or engine components. It’ll only take a single hour out of your day, and could save you thousands—plus it’ll give you the piece of mind your car’s well looked after, immediately.

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