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Swapping the wrong fuel, for the right fuel. Fast!

Forget costly tow truck bills and workshop fees, our expert mobile fuel drainage technicians are here to save the day and get you going again FAST!

Whether you’ve put petrol in a diesel or diesel in a petrol, we understand, our completely mobile service will come to you. Swapping the wrong fuel for the right fuel and getting your day back on track. So don’t worry,  give us a call. Our mobile technicians will have you back on the road in no time.

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Here’s what to do to get a fuel fix!

Stop. Take a breath.
Don’t worry, it happens to everyone. Turn off your car and turn on your hazard lights. Your safety is our priority.
Call Fuel Swap
Any time, day or night, we’re here to help. We’ll ask a few questions about your car, your location 
and will have our experienced technician out to you in no time.
Stay safe, we’re on our way!
We aim to be on site within the hour (Perth Metro), We’re also happy to drive, however if your outside our service area give us a call anyway and we will do our best to help.
Sit back and relax
Draining a tank takes ~45 minutes, so we’ll have you back on the road and getting on with your day in no time.


As WA’s most experienced fuel removal operators in the industry with over 6 years of experience and thousands of services performed, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands. We strive to give our customers the most professional, quality service possible and feel like that sort of service should be standard. Fuel Swap believe in good old fashioned service. We go above and beyond for our customers, check out some of our reviews to see what they are saying.

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WA’s most experienced

With over 5000+ fuel drains and 6+ years experience in the fuel removal industry, we’ve helped thousands of West Australians get back on the road after a wrong fuel mix-up.

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Fully Licensed and Insured
(EPA/DWER Compliant)

MRB  License Number 9570.

Fuel Swap is a fully licensed mechanical repair business and all our technicians are experienced and licensed mechanics holding controlled waste driver licenses to safely remove and dispose of your contaminated fuel.

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No Start. No Fee

Your satisfaction is our up-most priority. We will do whatever we can to handle your fuel drainage needs so if for any reason we are unable to remove the contaminated fuel you won’t be charged for the service.

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Our Services

Fuel Fix

Wrong Fuel Removal

We drain fuel and flush components from where adding the wrong fuel has contaminated your system; either petrol in a diesel car or diesel in a petrol car we then replenish with the correct fuel after the fuel drain and fuel flush then we perform a diagnostic systems check to make sure your vehicle is fully fixed with no issues. Call 1300 38 35 79 for a wrong fuel removal. we are the mobile  wrong fuel drain and fuel contamination experts. So If your looking for an A class service then be sure to call on Fuel Swap and we’ll have you back on the road FAST!

Our experienced technicians take care of you and the vehicle and get you back on schedule from wherever you may be, in the shortest possible time, typically between 20-40 minutes.

We can come directly to you wherever you are and completely drain your system. It’s what we do! For the most experienced and knowledgeable Technicians in the business then call Fuel Swap.

We also offer additional services no other providers offer so feel free to enquire to Fuel Swap about our Platinum Service during your call for more information.

Backed by our NO FIX NO FEE GUARANTEE you’ll have peace of mind knowing we’ll be able to get you back on the road as Fast as possible.

  • Petrol in Diesel Car
  • Diesel into Petrol
  • AdBlu Removal
  • Contaminate Removal

Dirty Fuel Disposal

If you’ve put any fluid contaminates into your fuel system then Fuel Swap can resolve your issue no problem. We will completely drain out the any fuel tanks, fuel lines, filters, injector pumps and rails if required and then flush that system through using our special flushing blend to completely clean out the fuel system and make it as good as new. For all your contaminated fuel issues never fear Fuel Swaps here!

  • Contaminated Fuel Removal
  • Complete Fuel System Drain
  • Special Fuel Flushing Blend
  • Fix Your Fuel Issue Fast.

Fleets servicing

Misfuelling in company fleets is a common occurrence due to staff members owning alternative fuel powered personal vehicles. Fuel Swap can take the stress out of this by offering your business a fast and cost efficient solution to getting your fleet vehicle back into action no stress no fuss. Fuel Swap values that every minute your fleet vehicle is off the road is lost time that vehicle is working for you, we can get your fleet vehicle back onto the road in no time as we are Perths fastest wrong fuel drainage company so trust the experts in the field with your fleet.

  • Complete Fleet Solutions
  • We Value your Time
  • Fastest Wrong Fuel Drainers
  • Lowest Priced Service

Vehicle Export Drains

Australian transportation laws require vehicles that are to be exported to have empty fuel tanks unfortunately as you know customers will often drop off their vehicles with too much fuel which then need to be drained which we understand can affect the timing with which you’ve organised the vehicle to be shipped. Fuel Swap offer a fast and low cost solution to this issue by offering our export drain service. If you need that fuel drained fast then Fuel Swap is who you need for your export drain.

  • Low Cost Export Drain
  • Fast Efficient Service
  • No Mess Clean Workmanship
  • Your Time Our Priority

Stale Fuel Removal

If your car, truck, boat, motorbike, plane, bund, generator or any other fuel retaining vessel has been sitting for weeks or months without fresh fuel being added, then we can safely extract and dispose of that stale fuel for you. Petrol will generally last for around 3 weeks at summer temperatures in a vented fuel tank, after which time the performance will suffer, and it will be best to add fresh fuel to restore the performance. Petrol in a sealed container will last for more than 6 months before the performance suffers too much. Diesel can last longer but again any diesel left sitting for more than a month does degrade and can potentially cause damage to injectors so call Fuel Swap to drain that stale fuel.

  • Car
  • Boat
  • Truck
  • Motorbike

Out of Fuel Services

If you’ve accidentally ran out of fuel and need assistance then we can help! Not all vehicles can just be filled and started some require particular starting methods to get them going again our experience and knowledgeable Technicians have the skills required to start them and get you going again.


Here’s what our customers say

Fuel Swap - 5 Google Rating

5.0 Fuel Swap - 5 Google Rating
We have 5 stars Google Reviews from 180 clients

Absolutely brilliant service by Matt. Prompt, reassuring, helpful and fixed the job in minutes. Highly recommend Matt and Fuel Swap to anyone and everyone.

Sally Stott

Amazing support from Matt of Fuel Swap! Came out well within the time promised on a Sunday afternoon, was clear in setting expectations up front, professional and mail Ted a very clean safe environment to deliver the service. No hesitation in recommending their services when you make a mistake like mine of putting petrol in the wife’s diesel Prado!

Amazing Van Clan

Matt was very professional and knowledgeable. He got me out of my sticky situation in no time with great attention to detail and respect to my family and vehicle and the business property owner he had to perform his magic on

Allan Warneford

Matt was extremely prompt and very professional giving us some comfort in our hour of need and stupidity. No fuss, Matt just got on with it and let us know what he was doing every step of the way. He even followed up th next day. A rare thing these days with such good customer service. Awesome thank you

Michael Ford

We were extremely happy with the service provided by Fuel Swap. We dealt with Matt, who was professional and explained everything including pricing upfront. Matt arrived on time and did a fantastic job. I would recommend Fuel Swap to all of my family and friends

Kylie Barron

Accidentally put petrol in my diesel and called up Matt from fuel swap and he was very prompt and professional and had me back on the road within the hour.

Jayden Brown


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